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Ashtanga Yoga for the Rest of Your Life w/ David Williams


Join me in this rare opportunity to practice yoga with the man who brought Ashtanga out of India. David Williams first came to Nova Scotia in 2009. Now, after a decade, he is back with his workshop, ‘Ashtanga Yoga for the Rest of your Life.’ His second visit to us is very relevant, coming at a time when the traditions of yoga have been lost in their modern interpretation.

David takes us back to the traditional roots of yoga, offering us an approach to practice that is sustainable, improves well being &health, and is accessible to all, young and old.

Workshop Itinerary

Thursday, 10-12:15pm

This class is the foundation for all students and particularly teachers, who want a greater depth of understanding of the "big picture" of the most beneficial way to practice and teach Ashtanga yoga. David will offer us a talk on how he thinks Ashtanga yoga should be taught and practiced based on his 45+ years of daily practice and teaching. As well, he will take us through the first part of primary series with thorough explanations of asana, breath and bandhas.

Friday, 10:00-12:15pm

Continuation of Thursday’s class with discussion and completion of the Primary series.

Saturday, 10:00 am-12:15pm

Full led primary series as he learned from Pattabhi Jois led by David with w/q&a

Saturday, 4:00-6:00pm

In this talk, David gives us a history of yoga, the history of Ashtanga yoga, his travels and adventures, his bringing Ashtanga yoga to America and its eventual spread to the entire world. Further, David will lead us in the complete classical Ashtanga yoga pranayama, as taught to him by Pattabhi Jois.

Sunday, 10:00am-noon

In this session, David will introduce Intermediate series in a way that everyone at all levels can try and enjoy. Afterwards, David will lead us through the complete ashtanga pranayama for a second time.

Registration details

Full workshop: $400
Early bird: $350, available until August 1

For those who can't come to the entire workshop, David encourages you to attend the Thursday class and talk. Thursday’s class only, $85, other individual classes, $90

Email for registration and info.



About David

David Williams has been practicing yoga daily, without interruption, since 1971.

In 1972, David met K. P. Manju , the son of K. Pattabhi Jois, seeing him demonstrate the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series. David was just completing his six month Yoga Teachers Training Certification at an ashram in Pondicherry, South India.

In 1973, David began learning Ashtanga yoga from K. Pattabhi Jois at his home in Mysore, India, and, became the first non-Indian taught the complete Ashtanga Yoga system of asanas and pranayama directly from Jois. In 1974, David became one of the first non-Indians certified to teach the Ashtanga Yoga asanas, and one of the few people ever certified by Jois to teach the Ashtanga Yoga pranayama.

David introduced K. Pattabhi Jois and Manju to America in 1975, when he, along with Nancy Gilgoff, organized and sponsored their first visit to Encinitas, California. Manju stayed in California on this visit and began teaching, while David & Nancy moved to Maui and started offering classes - this time was pivotal for the development of yoga in the West and marked the beginnings of what is now a strong Ashtanga yoga community world wide.

David has lived on Maui since 1976, and travels internationally to teach. Credited with bringing ashtanga yoga to the west, it is an understatement to say we owe him much. Now 70 years old, we can say with certainty, that he is well qualified to teach us about the true nature of traditional practice and it’s benefits.