‘I truly think anyone can do ashtanga yoga and receive its benefits. The caveat however is learning to practice traditionally, moving beyond postures to include pranayama & meditation as well as experiencing teaching using the mysore method. This method of teaching allows the practice to be modified according to each individuals ability & lifestyle goals making it tremendously transformative for all who experience it, young and old. ‘

I’ve been a dedicated ashtanga practitioner and teacher for more than 20 years. Since finding this practice or, perhaps it found me, I’ve never looked back, embarking on what would be a lifetime journey of study, practice and, sharing the teachings with others.

I suppose I knew right from the get go that the right practice had entered my life, as it quickly facilitated so many changes mind and body that impacted on my life and work in an amazing way.’


Emulating a teaching style of my own teachers, I offer students an ‘integrated approach’ to bringing yoga into their lives, incorporating asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) & mantra (meditation) into my teaching. Using a traditional teaching method, mysore style (one on one in a small group setting), I believe anyone can practice ashtanga yoga. Mysore style teaching allows the adaptation of the practice to accommodate individual differences, abilities and lifestyle goals.

I have studied extensively in the ashtanga lineage. More than a decade ago, I was fortunate to meet Manju P. Jois, and was immediately being drawn to the authenticity of his teaching.

Since, I have studied extensively with him, participating annually in his European workshops and teacher trainings and hosting and assisting him in his Canadian workshops. I was authorized by Manju in 2012, becoming the first Canadian student to receive his blessing to teach.

Additionally, my yoga travels take me annually to the House of Zen on Maui (one of the last bastions of traditional practice) to practice with Nancy Gilgoff; having taken several adjustment trainings with her. I consider these practice intensives an important part of my continuing education, helping to maintain the efficacy of traditional teaching. David Williams, who also lives on Maui, is also an important mentor - I was fortunate to have learned the complete ashtanga pranayama from him.

‘I am truly grateful to have these wonderful teachers and mentors, all who encourage and support my practice &teaching. ’

I currently live in the beautiful seaside village of Kingsburg, Nova Scotia. Teaching from my home studio, I offer regular mysore programs, practice development workshops, teaching mentorships and adjustment training.

I hope you will come for practice - a visit here emulates yoga in itself!